Senior Pastor: Kurtis Estes

Pastor Kurtis is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church, Salisbury, MO. As a pastor of FBC Salisbury his desire is to see the people of God unite for the cause of Christ both here locally and all across the globe.
His heart is for a healthy church that seeks the Kingdom of God above all else in their lives.
Pastor Kurtis graduated from Missouri State University with his bachelors in Agriculture in 2008.
Having been called to the ministry in High School, he continued to keep that calling at a distance in his life until 2012 when the Lord reminded him that he had been set apart to lead people to Jesus.
In 2013 Pastor Kurtis graduated with his Masters in Christian Studies with an emphasis in church planting from Union University, in Jackson TN.
Pastor Kurtis has been married to his beautiful wife, Melissa since 2007. He and his wife are blessed with three living children, Zane, Olivia, and Gracie, along with three babies who now live with their Father in heaven.
His passions are being outdoors, learning about British and European cultures, and doing ministry in former Soviet countries.

Youth Ministers: Wade and Cloe Billington

Wade and Cloe Billington love our youth. Both work in education and want to see young people grow in all areas of their lives. The Billingtons have called Salisbury home since 2018, and are grateful God brought them to such a wonderful community. Wade and Cloe have 2 children, whom they love spending time with.

Executive Office Assistant: Melissa Estes

Custodians: Lucille Billups, Nadine Palmer, Aaron Munden, and Jenny Munden