Club 2:52

Who: All children K-6th grade
When: Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 pm (September through April)
Where: Joshua House (Drop off and Pick up at gym doors)

What: "TeamKID: Good News will take kids on a journey through the four Gospel books, which tell us about who Jesus is and why He came. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were written to teach us that Jesus is the Messiah that God promised. Jesus came to fulfill God’s plan and teach people about the kingdom of God. In this edition of TeamKID, kids will explore the themes and purposes of the Gospels and learn how each account of the same story seamlessly weaves different details together to share the good news of Jesus and the kingdom of God."

We will have a few leaders at the school to walk the kids to the church. In the case of cold (below 40 degrees) or rainy weather, we will provide transportation with the Church van and additional vehicles if needed. All you need to do is send a note to the school saying you would like your child to go with the Club 2:52 group. Of course, it is always an option to drop them off yourself.