Celebrate Recovery

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Celebrate Recovery operates as an extension of First Baptist Church, a unique congregation focused on healing. It is for anyone who has a "hurt, hang-up, or habit" within the community at large or our own church body - not restricted to only people struggling with an addiction. We all have issues that may be interfering with our fellowship with God and others.

Sunday Services:

Large Group: 6pm

Open Share Groups: 7pm

Followed by Cross-Talk Café


What is Celebrate Recovery?

We ARE: A safe place, a refuge, a place of belonging, a place to care for others and be cared for, where respect is given to each member, where confidentiality is highly regarded, a place to learn, grow and become strong again, where you and your family can take off your mask, a place for healthy challenges and healthy risks, and a possible turning point in your life.

Who is Celebrate Recovery for?

Celebrate Recovery is for anyone struggling with life. If you have ever had a hurt, if you have ever had a hang-up in life, or perhaps you have struggled with an addiction, then this ministry is for you. We all share one thing in common: hurt Our recommendation would be that you attend five or six meetings before you decide if this is for you.

Is Celebrate Recovery for me?

Celebrate Recovery offers a person the opportunity to participate in group fellowship where love and hope combine with God’s purpose to mend our lives.

Are there things in my life that I do that hurt others?

Is there something I wish I could live without?

Is it time to admit I am not in control of my life?

Do I have a painful hang-up or habit from which I need to be freed?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we urge you to attend a Celebrate Recovery meeting.

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